Theriot playing in perfect harmony

Ounce of prevention: Doug Fister insisted he was OK after he took a Gregor Blanco line drive off the top right side of his head Thursday night, saying he just had a "bump.'' But Brandon McCarthy, who suffered a fractured skull in early September, tweeted his surprise that the Tigers allowed Fister to fly home to Detroit without giving him an MRI to determine if he had any swelling of the brain.

The scary Fister play could have been a disaster for the Tigers' pitcher and an ugly chapter for the sport. The time is coming when more pitchers will protect themselves by wearing padded or Kevlar inserts inside their caps, and it's possible Major League Baseball could mandate it, as it did helmets for base coaches after the death of minor league coach Mike Coolbaugh.

MLB's Medical Advisory Committee is studying the issue, which will be explored thoroughly at the winter meetings in December.

Welcome to the club: Reggie Jackson was impressed with Pablo Sandoval's three-homer night to start the World Series.

Jackson called the Giants to try to offer personal congratulations to Sandoval.

"He's a lovable character, he's easy to root for,'' Jackson told the San Francisco Chronicle's Scott Ostler. "Any time a guy takes a full cut, hits a home run, and when he runs around the bases he swung so hard his shirt-tail's falling out, I can go for that.''

Sandoval joined Babe Ruth (twice), Jackson and Albert Pujols as the only players with three homers in a series game. In the years those greats had their three-homer games, their respective home run totals were 47, 54, 32 and 37. Sandoval had 12 this year, but had six through 14 postseason games.

"He always will be remembered, they'll always think of him when the World Series comes around, so that's a good thing,'' Jackson said. "When people mention you, don't forget you, that's nice. I enjoyed the moment."

The last word: "You won't see me get in his way." — Ken Williams on Rick Hahn, his successor as White Sox general manager.

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