It doesn't matter so long as you understand that the NCAA tournament is a TV show and not a "playoff." The 68 teams in the tournament are not the 68 best teams in the country. There are teams left out every year from major conferences that feasibly could make the Final Four.

Letting in the champions from "Little Guy" Leagues is part of the NCAA's charm. It harkens to Jim Carrey's long-shot line from "Dumb and Dumber,'' where he takes the million-to-one odds of getting a date as "So you're saying there's a chance!" Leave Liberty alone, the Flames will flame out soon enough.

The joy of madness

Shannon Ryan

Chicago Tribune

If you love March Madness, the answer is simple. Of course, a team with a losing record should be eligible to play in the NCAA tournament if it wins its conference tournament.

Liberty's Big South win encapsulates what makes everyone shake their heads and smile this time of year. Despite a 15-20 overall record and 6-10 record in conference play, they are in the tournament because this is how the rules are set up.

It's maddening to a team like Gardner-Webb (21-12, 11-5) or Charleston Southern (19-12, 12-4). But this is why this time of year is so thrilling. Who would want it any other way?