Whether you are going to the fest or at home with FOMO, we got you covered.


1. What's the first thing Jared Allen should do when he gets to Chicago?
Kate Bernot: Apologize. Just ... for everything.
Evan F. Moore: Get a six-wing dinner with mild sauce from Harold's.
Phil Thompson: Ditch the calf-roping sack dance. People here only move their arms like that when they're stirring marinara.
Leonor Vivanco: Stop by RedEye's offices for an interview, obviously.
Bag Boy: Buy Julius Peppers' house.
2. Patrick Sharp is to photobombing as ...
Kate Bernot: ... conga lines are to dance floors. Everything's OK if it's for a wedding.
Evan F. Moore: ... Illinois schools are to losing out on blue-chip basketball prospects on an annual basis.
Phil Thompson: ... irony is to newlywed hockey fans starting off their marriage in a penalty box: They penalty-killed it.
Leonor Vivanco: ... Seth Rogen and James Franco are to spoofing Kimye's Vogue cover. It's unexpected, funny and makes me smile.
Bag Boy: ... I am to photo sharing. Think about it.
3. What drill would you have Derrick Rose do while he rehabs his knee?
Kate Bernot: Pliés. Trust me, as a former ballet dancer, I know about knees and pliés.
Evan F. Moore: He should do the Nae-Nae over and over again.
Phil Thompson: I'd rather have his knee undergo counseling.
Leonor Vivanco: Some kung fu fighting kicks Chuck Norris-style, of course.
Bag Boy: The give and go to Joakim Noah drill. Get to know it.
4. How are the Cubs and Sox spending the last weekend before the season begins?
Kate Bernot: In sweet, sweet, delusional bliss.
Evan F. Moore: Celebrating the fact that they are undefeated at this point in time.
Phil Thompson: Looking at their own rosters and asking, "Is that it?"
Leonor Vivanco: Partying like it's the last day of spring break and you've got to head back to school.
Bag Boy: Cubs: Wishing it were 2015. Sox: Quietly thinking playoffs. Sshhh.
5. The White Sox are expanding to Snapchat. What could go wrong?
Kate Bernot: Just don't get Clark the Cub on there.
Evan F. Moore: That Snapchat might be the highlight of the season.
Phil Thompson: Players get busted for Soxting.
Leonor Vivanco: We could end up seeing photos of a lot of bats and balls.
Bag Boy: Dudes, athletes, cameras, women, fans. Oh, the possibilities!
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