World Cup fans in Brazil

No one will think twice if you dress like this during the World Cup. (Getty Images / June 10, 2014)

Look, America. We're great at sports. In the 2012 Summer Olympics, we beat next-best China by 16 medals—eight of which were gold. Even in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, where we ranked fourth in gold medals, we were second best overall, winning just five fewer total medals than Russia.

Even when we're bad, we're good.

But there's one arena we've never come close to dominating: the World Cup. You know, soccer—the other football.

We've never won. In fact, the best we've done is reach the semifinals in 1930. So it's no wonder we don't have a strong affinity for the sport.

Sure, there are Americans who love soccer, but there's a reason sideline seats at Toyota Park, where the Fire play, are $81—a fraction of what you'd pay for similar seats at the United Center or Soldier Field. Even $81 seems steep for me, only a moderate fan.

It's both rational and evident, then, that we Americans don't have a palate for soccer. But just because we aren't the best doesn't mean we should neglect the sport altogether.

Rather, it's for that reason we should watch this year's World Cup. Unlike any other major global sporting event, Americans have the opportunity to check our egos with the TV remote.

Instead of getting marred in the ups and downs of a competitive U.S. team or a fantasy roster, we finally have the opportunity to enjoy a sport for its beauty and the talent on display.

So pick a team. Go to your local watering hole. Order a beer from your adopted team's country. And let Cup favorites like Spain, France, Belgium, Brazil and Colombia rule the day. Their fans will be louder than you at the bar anyway.

Who knows, maybe you'll get a free trip to Madrid for being in the right place at the right time rooting for the right team. You can go back to counting down Sundays until football or watching the Cubs lose when it's all over.

Jordan Monroe Schultz is RedEye's Web editor.

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