Who's top dog: Week 16 NFL picks


3:37 PM CDT, October 16, 2013


Each week, RedEye's prognosticating pooch, Whizzer, goes paw to paw with Rob Cressy's miniature schnauzer, Callie, to see who picks NFL games more accurately.

Callie and Whizzer both went 2-3 in Week 15. 

Overall, Callie is 41-33 and Whizzer is 46-28.

Here are their picks for Week 16.


Bears at Philadelphia: Bears

N.Y. Giants at Detroit: Giants

Pittsburgh at Green Bay: Steelers

New Orleans at Carolina: Panthers

New England at Baltimore: Ravens



Bears at Philadelphia: Eagles

N.Y. Giants at Detroit: Giants

Pittsburgh at Green Bay: Packers

New Orleans at Carolina: Saints

New England at Baltimore: Patriots


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