He may be only two starts into his White Sox career, but rookie pitcher Scott Carroll says he’s ready to take his place alongside such legendary Chicago pitchmen as the Empire Carpet guy, Bob Rohrman and Eagle Man.

There’s just one problem.

“I still haven’t gotten a call yet about any endorsements, so I’m still waiting for that first call,” the 29-year-old right-hander said.

When that call comes though, Carroll’s got one heck of an audition tape showing off his skills.
A two-year-old YouTube video titled “Scott Carroll Will Endorse Anything” resurfaced recently when Carroll was called up to the Sox.

The video was shot prior to the 2012 campaign in his hometown of Kansas City with a couple of buddies. In it, Carroll plays an exaggerated version of himself, offering to hawk anything from family restaurants to shady cover businesses to discreet adult services to supplement his meager minor-league income.

“We just wanted to do a sellout type of thing to where a guy would do anything to get any endorsement whatsoever just to try to make himself promotable,” he said.

Carroll, who says his performance wasn’t inspired by any one pitchman, comes off like a tamer version of Champ Kind, the misogynistic sportscaster memorably played by David Koechner in the “Anchorman” movies.

Carroll the pitchman comes complete with his own catchphrase (“Fastball!”). There’s also a scene where he hits a ball into the ground, points at the camera and says “home run.”

“It’s just something funny I wanted to do to show my light side and I can have fun outside the baseball field, and my goal was when I got to the big leagues, people could look at it and laugh,” he said.

While the video is itself tongue-in-cheek, Carroll says most minor leaguers could use the extra dough.

“The assumption is you see all the big-leaguers, you assume that minor-leaguers make a lot of money too,” he said. “That’s not the case. A lot of them are scraping by, just trying to make it paycheck by paycheck just to achieve that dream of one day getting to the big leagues.”

It’s a dream that Carroll is living, a reality he says hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

His major league debut could not have gone better. Carroll threw 7 1/3 innings against Tampa Bay, allowing two runs and striking out three en route to his first big-league victory. His second start was solid, too, going six innings while giving up just two unearned runs in a loss to Cleveland. Carroll is next scheduled to pitch Thursday against the Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field.

After his first start, he further endeared himself to Sox fans with a single tweet: “Is this heaven? No, it’s Chicago.”

Ask him about that tweet and the perpetually upbeat 29-year-old will tell you he’s still not entirely sure there’s a difference.

“I’m still riding this wave,” he said. “It’s awesome. Every day I come to the ballpark just excited to be here.”

Matt Lindner is a RedEye special contributor.

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