WWBS: Love that nickname. It’s too bad I never had one that cool. Of course, nothing good rhymes with “Urlacher.”

What Jay Cutler actually said: “It’s hard to judge [Bennett] because he is such a great blocker. … Then you see him run routes and you’re like, man, we’ve got to throw him the ball.”


Matt Forte

The Bears’ do-it-all running back had 19 rushes for 90 yards and 11 catches for 71 yards. That’s a lot of hits to absorb.

WWBS: Attaboy, Matt! It’s like I always said: If your head’s not a little fuzzy after a hit, it’s not a real tackle.


Alshon Jeffery

The Bears dipped into their bag of tricks with a run a reverse to Alshon Jeffery, good for 38 yards.

WWBS: I remember when we ran that fake field goal in 2001 and Brad Maynard hit me with a TD pass to beat Washington. *sniff* That was awesome. *sniff sniff*



Referee Ed Hochuli, known for his massive biceps as well as his lengthy explanations, left his mic on between first and second quarters and told a fellow official: “Yeah, we coulda called that one.”

WWBS: Psh, I haven’t thought much of referees since one hit me on the head with the overtime coin toss against Green Bay in 2008. My dome isn’t THAT big.


Jay Cutler

The whole world now knows Urlacher and Cutler aren’t exactly drinking buddies. What might he thinking when Cutler was struggling in parts of Sunday’s game?

WWBS: Serves you right, Jay. And I never wanted to go to your stupid ‘80s party anyway.

What Brandon Marshall actually said: “I’m just glad we have Mr. Fourth Quarter on our side, Jay Cutty. I’m just grateful to play in this offense.”


James Anderson

One of the Bears’ new starting linebackers knocked down a pass one play and pummeled Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder into the ground on another. Very Urlacher-like.

WWBS: Not bad, kid. When you start picking those off and taking them in for six, then I might let you come watch my next Xfinity commercial shoot.


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