1. How do you get any work done during the first two days of the NCAA tournament?
Matt Pais: My lawyers have advised me not to answer this question.
Shaun Davis: Early arrival, long lunch, late departure.
Jane Monzures: Instead of making a list of things to do, set them up in a bracket.
Kat Velez: I went to DePaul, so it's like the NCAA tournament doesn't exist for me. Ever.
Michael Walton II: I open a new tab to watch the games on my computer. Helps me focus. I swear.
2. What are the symptoms of March Madness?
Matt Pais: Have you seen "Outbreak"? Good. It's nothing like that.
Shaun Davis: Buzzer-beaters, brackets and Gusitis. #Hahaaaaa
Jane Monzures: High fever and enthusiastic outbursts. It's something you catch and there's no cure for it.
Kat Velez: Excess sweating (over your bracket) and mood swings (your team won! ... your team is out).
Michael Walton II: Dry mouth, red eyes, rapid heart rate, intense hunger -- on second thought, this might not be March Madness.
3. What will be former Bears GM Jerry Angelo's catchphrase on his new radio show?
Matt Pais: "Whammy!"
Shaun Davis: "A stickler, still liking Rex without prostituting character." #BizOfWinning
Jane Monzures: "We don't put radio in front of character -- back with more me after this!"
Kat Velez: "Who was the genius who drafted THAT guy?"
Michael Walton II: "I wish I was better at drafting quarterbacks [insert self-pitying laughter]!"
4. Allowing nine runs without recording an out in spring training is like ... Matt Pais: Jane Monzures: Kat Velez: Shaun Davis: Michael Walton II:
Matt Pais: ... a genius way to set the bar low for the upcoming season.
Shaun Davis: ... playing for #76ers. So there's tanking in baseball?
Jane Monzures: ... a ticket back to the minors.
Kat Velez: It's spring training. Don't climb onto the ledge just yet!
Michael Walton II: ... finding out that Jerry Angelo has a radio show.
5. Who said this: "I can mess with anybody I want to"?
Matt Pais: Someone who got punched in the face five seconds later.
Shaun Davis: Mike Tyson, but hard time and a fat eye from Buster changed that. Or did it? #newbroadwayshow
Jane Monzures: Kermit the Frog to Tina Fey.
Kat Velez: The guy who stole Corey Crawford's mask.
Michael Walton II: Jerry Angelo referring to his beef with Jay Cutler -- who "lacks poise."