ICYMI, Jimmer Fredette is not why the Bulls have won nine of their past 10 games. As for the next 10 ...


4:56 PM CST, January 12, 2014


1. Why have the Bulls been so hot lately?
Clark Jones: Coach Thibs wears short-shorts to practice whenever they lose.
Aly Bockler: Joakim's campaigning for that MVP title?
Scott Bolohan: They've just been hanging around their less-hot friends.
John Dooley: They've switched from practicing at the old 40-foot court located at Bayside High.
Angi Taylor: Not sure, since the hottest player is STILL not playing. (Talking to you, Rose.)
2. What does Jimmer Fredette mean when he says the Bulls "play the right way"?
Clark Jones: They haven't been mistaking him for a ball boy.
Aly Bockler: Is this his "you complete me" speech?
Scott Bolohan: They usually dribble.
John Dooley: "Play the right way" = "not the crappy Kings wrong way."
Angi Taylor: Winning. He means winning = right.
3. It's been so long since the Blackhawks played at the United Center ...
Clark Jones: ... home practice was interrupted by the filming of "Space Jam."
Aly Bockler ... Jim Cornelison had to take a side gig selling tamales at nightclubs.
Scott Bolohan: ... now it's the United Senior Center.
John Dooley: ... the ice crew may have forgotten where they left their shovels! What will we do?!
Angi Taylor: ... "Chelsea Dagger" has been replaced by "Drunk in Love" as the goal song.
4. Starlin Castro has a hamstring strain. How concerned are you?
Clark Jones: About as concerned as Castro is with professional baseball.
Aly Bockler: We're talking 7-10 days here. I've had drinking benders last that long!
Scott Bolohan: As long as he's back before the NLCS, should be fine.
John Dooley: I'm concerned I won't get to see him swing at curveballs in the dirt. So sad.
Angi Taylor: About as concerned before the strain. Does it even matter anymore?
5. Winning a golf tournament on a 75-foot putt is like ...
Clark Jones: ... starting off by admitting you live in your mom's basement, and still having her end up there.
Aly Bockler: ... Joakim Noah actually getting that MVP title.
Scott Bolohan: ... almost like winning in a real sport.
John Dooely ... winning a box set of old "90210" episodes on an obscure Brenda question. Not that I've done that.
Angi Taylor: ... my husband agreeing to golf with me. UNLIKELY. *pouty face*