1. Why do they call the second Monday of Wimbledon "Manic Monday"?
Sean Ely: Because tennis is such a ... racket! Am I right? OK! You've been a great crowd! Good night!
Pete McMurray: Suzanna Hoffs from the Bangles is hot. So glad they're honoring her.
Ernest Wilkins: Because they wish it was Sunday? Because that's their fun day? Their "I don't have to run" day?
Elliott Serrano: `Cuz that's when Bananarama wrote the song, right?
Sarah Spain: The Bangles perform between matches on Centre Court.
2. Players have to wear white at Wimbledon. When is the best time to wear all- white off the courts?
Sean Ely: Before you lose your virginity, like every bride ever. They are all pure.
Pete McMurray: P Diddy's White Summer Party. I'm hitching a ride from Young MC this year. We will be busting a move, brethren.
Ernest Wilkins: Any time! Boat parties, the grocery store, in the shower ...
Elliott Serrano: Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers' Ball.
Sarah Spain: Any of P Diddy's Hamptons affairs.
3. The U.S. plays Belgium on Tuesday in the World Cup. Your prediction?
Sean Ely: I hate two things: People who are inconsiderate of other cultures and Belgians.
Pete McMurray: I'll be at the bar, drinking beer on the World Cup Bandwagon, baby! Goooooaaallllluuuhhhh!
Ernest Wilkins: The U.S. will win. It'll shock the world. Look at you! Look at how shocked you are!
Elliott Serrano: #IBelieveWeWillWin #UnlessItsADraw #OrWeLose #AndWeAdvanceAnyway
Sarah Spain: 'Merica 100, Waffles 0
4. Finish this sentence: "If the Hawks trade Patrick Sharp, I will ..."
Sean Ely: ... continue giving less than two [bleeps] about the Blackhawks. GO WINGS!
Pete McMurray: ... cut my mullet.
Ernest Wilkins: ... riot in the streets! No, YOU need to "get a life," person on the bus/train!
Elliott Serrano: ... finally break into the list of "Top 100 Chicago's Handsomest Men Who have Been Punched In The Face."
Sarah Spain: ... have to change the jersey on the Sharp doll in my candle-laden shrine.
5. The Street League Skateboarding World Tour hit Chicago on Sunday. What happened the last time you skateboarded?
Sean Ely: I unlocked a new course. I did sick tricks in "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" with Bam Margera. Gnarly sesh. Tubular.
Pete McMurray: Doc Brown's Flux Capacitor malfunctioned. Not good. Google George McFly.
Ernest Wilkins: Three broken legs, two smashed hips and a detached orbital bone. And that was just from putting my clothes on!
Elliott Serrano: I had to go back in time to help my parents fall in love at their senior prom or I wouldn't have been born and fight Biff Tannen and ... what? That was a movie?
Sarah Spain: Look up "epic fails" on YouTube and you'll have a pretty good idea.