Sunny days

1. Make a sports prediction for August.
Alex Quigley: USA vs Spain for the FIBA World Cup final. Really!
Evan F. Moore: Somewhere in America, a team will win and another one will lose.
Tracy Swartz: The Cubs will sizzle in August. Only because of the heat.
Jimmy Greenfield: I will anger people by saying Jay Cutler will never win a Super Bowl. Perhaps even on Aug. 1.
Bag Boy: True story: My boss is British, and he loves soccer. Damn it!
2. One week until the Bears' preseason opener. How excited are you?
Alex Quigley: Irrationally so. I love me some two-deep charts!
Evan F. Moore: Lukewarm, it's only preseason. It's like watching a movie trailer.
Tracy Swartz: I will be more excited when the Eagles have landed.
Jimmy Greenfield: As excited as a 90-year-old man who ran out of Viagra.
Bag Boy: On a 1-100 scale, I say 76!
3. If Jay Cutler can be the NFL's MVP ...
Alex Quigley: I know you're expecting a snarky answer, but I agree with B-Marsh.
Evan F. Moore: ... then I can win a Pulitzer. See, there's nothing wrong with having lofty goals.
Tracy Swartz: ... then now we know he can spell MVP.
Jimmy Greenfield: ... then I will eat a copy of the newspaper you're reading. (FYI, long live print!)
Bag Boy: ... Kyle Fuller can win rookie of the year.
4. Grammar errors on Hall of Fame plaques: Who's to blame?
Alex Quigley: I thought we agreed to blame everything bad in baseball on Bud Selig?
Evan F. Moore: The Stonecutters. "Who keeps the Hall of Fame on their butts?" We do!
Tracy Swartz: Whom cares? Don't hassle the H.O.F.
Jimmy Greenfield: The nation's school principles.
Bag Boy: Our education system.
5. Who benefits most from Derrick Rose's return to the court?
Alex Quigley: America, my frent. America.
Evan F. Moore: It is a toss-up between Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott. One of the two has to benefit.
Tracy Swartz: The knee brace industry supports his return.
Jimmy Greenfield: Your Chicago Bulls. Is this a trick question?
Bag Boy: The media. Helps them move on from Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love.
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