1. Give Tracy Swartz some advice for the Great Bull Run on Saturday. Phil Thompson: Jimmy Greenfield: Evan F. Moore: Tracy Swartz: Bag Boy:
Tracy Swartz: First thing's first: Find Joakim Noah.
Evan F. Moore: RUN!
Phil Thompson: If you get into trouble, telling the bulls you know Jo Noah is not going to help.
Jimmy Greenfield: Don't risk your life for RedEye. Unless it involves softball.
Bag Boy: Don't wear red.
2. What are Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews gonna do with all that newfound cash?
Tracy Swartz: That's a lot of mutton chops.
Evan F. Moore: Fix the city's potholes. The Blackhawks' fan base would triple overnight.
Phil Thompson: Easy now, it's NHL-level money -- just good enough to be Floyd Mayweather's butlers.
Jimmy Greenfield: Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry different things.
Bag Boy: May I suggest the Nissan Versa? Kidding! BMWs all around!
3. Are the Hawks finished making moves this offseason?
Tracy Swartz: Depends. Will Coach Q be staying away from his crotch?
Evan F. Moore: Nope! More work to be done. Potholes need to be fixed.
Phil Thompson: They were, but somehow they're scheduled to meet with Carmelo Anthony.
Jimmy Greenfield: For the love of Kris Versteeg, I hope not.
Bag Boy: Yeah, less is more here.
4. No Melo. No LeBron. Who's coming to help Derrick Rose?
Tracy Swartz: Hopefully not an EMT.
Evan F. Moore: Doug McDermott of course. The Bulls drafted him for a reason.
Phil Thompson: I see Pau Gasol's face, but the voice in my head says, "Carlos Boozer 2.0."
Jimmy Greenfield: Well, Kris Versteeg is available.
Bag Boy: Hola, Pau y Nikola!
5. Let's have your World Cup final prediction. Phil Thompson: Jimmy Greenfield: Evan F. Moore: Tracy Swartz: Bag Boy:
Tracy Swartz: Germany will be the weiner.
Phil Thompson: I said Argentina at the start and I'm not going to fold when faced with Germany. That's Brazil's job.
Jimmy Greenfield: Germany 73, Redskins 0.
Bag Boy: Who are we playing again?