Dennis Rodman rocks blond mohawk in Legends game

By Jordan Monroe Schultz

For RedEye

11:45 PM CDT, March 30, 2014


First North Korea. Then rehab. Now Argentina. Dennis Rodman is everywhere recently. And Sunday night he dressed like this during a game.

VIDEO: Rodman dressed like a drag queen during Legends of Basketball Tour 2014 in Argentina http://t.co/aUT5OJ7Lmc pic.twitter.com/0m333wolmi

— Sportando (@sportando) March 30, 2014

Ex-Bull Rodman played in a Legends of Basketball Tour 2014 game in Argentina with a blond mohawk and full makeup, including multi-toned purple lipstick and eye shadow. But after his self-proclaimed North Korean diplomacy, his wardrobe choices perhaps seem less controversial.