Chicago Fire players join Five on Five panel

1. Which World Cup nation's fans would you most like to party with and why?
Sean Johnson, Fire goalkeeper, @sjohn25: Brazil, because the women are absolutely gorgeous.
Mike Magee, Fire forward, @magee9: England. I love their accent.
Harry Shipp, Fire midfielder/forward @championShipp11: Spain, because Barcelona is my favorite city I've been to.
Chris Ritter, Fire midfielder: Brazil. It's their country so they'll know where to go.
Patrick Nyarko, Fire midfielder, @pattyberrone: Brazilian fans, because they know how to party.
2. Who's got the worst uniforms in the World Cup?
Sean Johnson, Fire goalkeeper, @sjohn25: Mexico.
Mike Magee, Fire forward, @magee9: Mexico.
Harry Shipp, Fire midfielder/forward @championShipp11: Argentina. Don't like the white/light blue stripes.
Chris Ritter, Fire midfielder: Mexico and Croatia.
Patrick Nyarko, Fire midfielder, @pattyberron: I'd have to say Cameroon.
3. Lionel Messi is to soccer as ...
Sean Johnson, Fire goalkeeper, @sjohn25: ... 2 Chainz is to hip-hop.
Mike Magee, Fire forward, @magee9: ... @magee9 is to Twitter (wink).
Harry Shipp, Fire midfielder/forward @championShipp11: ... Chipotle is to fast-casual dining.
Chris Ritter, Fire midfielder: ... rice is to a Chipotle burrito -- essential, yet somehow taken for granted.
Patrick Nyarko, Fire midfielder, @pattyberron: ... the Pope is to the Catholic Church.
4. How would you deal with playing in the heat and humidity of Brazil?
Sean Johnson, Fire goalkeeper, @sjohn25: I'd take one of those backpacks that holds water, a CamelBak.
Mike Magee, Fire forward, @magee9: I'd bring Dr. Jack from IVme with me.
Harry Shipp, Fire midfielder/forward @championShipp11: Drink lots of coconut water.
Chris Ritter, Fire midfielder: I'm from Chicago -- how bad could it be?
Patrick Nyarko, Fire midfielder, @pattyberron: Lots of fluids and electrolytes.
5. What song should play after you score a goal?
Sean Johnson, Fire goalkeeper, @sjohn25: "Don't Tell Em" by Jeremih.
Mike Magee, Fire forward, @magee9: "My Kind of Town" by Frank Sinatra.
Harry Shipp, Fire midfielder/forward @championShipp11: "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from "Mulan."
Chris Ritter, Fire midfielder: "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry.
Patrick Nyarko, Fire midfielder, @pattyberron: One of the "Ole Ole Ole" remixes.
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