No more Pep

Anyone else feel like having a squirt gun fight all of the sudden?


4:56 PM CST, January 12, 2014


1. What will you miss most about Julius Peppers?
Matt Pais: The laughter. Definitely the laughter.
Jay St. Pierre: I'll have to stop using the awful one liner, "Salt `N' Julius Peppers here!"
Jane Monzures: His big grin! I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?
Shaun Davis: Games that he had an extra "Pep" in his step and dominated.
Stick Figure: But who's gonna get things off high shelves for people at Halas Hall?
2. Free agent season won't be complete for the Bears without ...
Matt Pais: ... controversy! Squirt gun fights! Sour Patch Kids! I don't get it either.
Jay St. Pierre: ... people complaining about Chicago letting Josh McCown go. Let him go, people. He's not worth $10M!
Jane Monzures: ... doing the safety dance!
Shaun Davis: ... multiple one-year contracts. #EmeryEffect
Stick Figure: ... pen and paper.
3. Welcome the recent Bears free agent signees to Chicago.
Matt Pais: Hi.
Jay St. Pierre: Hey ... It's cold ... And snowy ... Get used to it. Summer will never come back :(
Jane Monzures: The shovel is next to the ice scraper. Get to it!
Shaun Davis: Welcome #upgrades. We're better with you. Of course, it's impossible to be worse. #install
Stick Figure: Hey guys! Whatever you do, try not to intercept Jay Cutler in practice. He has it rough enough in games.
4. Comcast SportsNet Chicago will air two spring training games without commercials. Discuss.
Matt Pais: No commercials? How am I supposed to know which brand of detergent to use?!
Jay St. Pierre: You lost me at "spring." The thought of anything about 50 degrees takes my attention away.
Jane Monzures: Obviously the sales team needs help!
Shaun Davis: I'm still turning away. #whereistheremote
Stick Figure: I guess fans will have to wait a long time to use the bathroom or go get snacks.
5. What's the Chicago sports equivalent of James Harden and Dwight Howard?
Matt Pais: Recently? I don't know, but they're definitely Blackhawks.
Jay St. Pierre: Nothing. You cannot compare Houston to Chicago, sports or otherwise.
Jane Monzures: Chicago's best 1-2 combo is definitely Derrick Rose and a tailored suit.
Shaun Davis: Toews and Hossa. The sweet lefty and the oft-injured big man.
Stick Figure: Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich -- their jersey numbers match perfectly!