1. Why have the Blackhawks had so much coaching turnover?
Katie Gibson: If you can't grow a sweet, sweet Qstache, you're out.
Jay St. Pierre: I read "turnover" and thought "apple turnover." Mmmmmm, apple turnovers!
Lisa Arnett: Coach Q's mustache is clearly on a power trip.
Kat Velez: They keep getting stolen from Johnny's Ice House. Maybe the Blackhawks should just practice in the suburbs.
Michael Walton II: They are trying to save money to sign LeBron James.
2. After thrashing Brazil, what does Germany do for a World Cup encore?
Katie Gibson: DAS BOOTS FOR ALL.
Jay St. Pierre: I'm waiting for a bicycle kick. Germany player, GET IT DONE!
Lisa Arnett: Shotskis for everyone!
Kat Velez: Hide from angry Brazil fans.
Michael Walton II: Sign Carmelo Anthony.
3. Crying is to Brazilian fans as ...
Katie Gibson: ... crying is to Heat fans, when they realize that buying championships doesn't always work.
Jay St. Pierre: ... Bears fans are to thinking they're entitled to reach the playoffs every year.
Lisa Arnett: ... overspending is to Taste of Chicago attendees.
Kat Velez: ... reserved sighing into an Old Style is to Cubs fans.
Michael Walton II: ... missing out on free agents is to Chicago.
4. The America's Cup snubbed Chicago. How upset are you?
Katie Gibson: Should I know what that is? I feel like I should know what that is.
Jay St. Pierre: Not sure what the America's Cup is ...
Lisa Arnett: Upset enough to binge eat a dozen doughnuts.
Kat Velez: So upset! Unbelievably upset! Wait, what's America's Cup again? Boats, right?
Michael Walton II: Not as upset as I would be if the Bulls don't land some key pieces for the future.
5. A man caught sleeping during a Yankees game is suing ESPN. Thoughts?
Katie Gibson: I'd be sleeping during Yankees baseball this season too.
Jay St. Pierre: Zzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz.
Lisa Arnett: Sorry, dude. You snooze, you lose.
Kat Velez: Maybe he should sue the Yankees for being awful enough to induce sleep.
Michael Walton II: That man should also sue the N.Y. Knicks for running Melo out of town.