New guy

Welcome Regal Radio's Demonze Spruiel to the panel. If only we had better news for him to comment on.

6:59 PM CDT, June 25, 2014


1. How did the U.S. lose their lead in that Portugal game? HOW?!
Clark Jones: I give Portugal credit for putting the "rampant poverty" thing aside to focus on what's important.
Aly Bockler: Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo is so hot it's hard not to get distracted.
Scott Bolohan: Our defender should have caught the ball instead of letting that Portuguese guy score with his head.
Demonze Spruiel, Regal Radio (TWITTER: @demonze1): Ronaldo finally stopped thinking about topless Brazilian models and made a play! Damn you, No. 7!
Angi Taylor: They were temporarily hypnotized by the hotness of Ronaldo ... understandable.
2. Grant Park was so crowded on Sunday that ...
Clark Jones: ... the mayor was seen fining people for lack of zoning permits.
Aly Bockler: ... the last Stanley Cup parade got a little jealous.
Scott Bolohan: ... I thought Hot Doug's opened a new location.
Demonze Spruiel, Regal Radio (TWITTER: @demonze1): ... Team USA could hear the crowd curse after they blew the game! MERCY! [in my Hawk Harrelson voice]
Angi Taylor: ... the Chicago Fire are considering playing at Grant Park to boost ticket sales.
3. Rate the U.S.' prospects of getting out of the group round.
Clark Jones: About as high as my chances of ever having a groupie.
Aly Bockler We've defeated the Germans in 1918 and 1945. 2014 will make a trifecta.
Scott Bolohan: Blue chip.
Demonze Spruiel, Regal Radio (TWITTER: @demonze1): As high as a fat kid dancing when finding 3-week-old birthday cake in the refrigerator.
Angi Taylor: Good. There's nobody as hot as Ronaldo on the German team to throw them off again.
4. Rate the Bulls' prospects of getting Carmelo Anthony.
Clark Jones: I give it about a 1 in 10 chance, because that'll probably be his shooting percentage this year.
Aly Bockler: About as likely as Rahm getting a TRUMP tramp stamp.
Scott Bolohan: PG-13.
Demonze Spruiel, Regal Radio (TWITTER: @demonze1): I can see the seventh championship banner hanging from the United Center right now!
Angi Taylor: Instead of wondering if Melo will play for the Bulls, we should wonder if D-Rose will.
5. The Hawks have been tapped for a Winter Classic game. Will you make the road trip to D.C. ?
Clark Jones: Chicago crowds in D.C.? It'll be just like Obama's inauguration, except fewer Chrysler 300s.
Aly Bockler: A 10-hour trip across five states to see the Hawks slap the Caps? Happy New Year to me, I'm in!
Scott Bolohan: You bet. Standing outside in winter barely seeing hockey is my favorite.
Demonze Spruiel, Regal Radio (TWITTER: @demonze1): Let me check my bank account. Wait, hold on ... yep, I'm still broke. So that would be a no.
Angi Taylor: Unless the Winter Classic moves to Miami Beach, I'll say nah.