1. What excuse did you give your boss so you could watch the World Cup game Thursday?
Alex Quigley: With my job, I'd be in trouble if I *didn't* watch it at work.
Evan F. Moore: I'm in the field (at a bar) working on a story. I'll file it soon.
Tracy Swartz: I'll be "tied" up.
Jimmy Greenfield: Told her I had World Cup fever. Didn't work.
Bag Boy: True story: My boss is British, and he loves soccer. Damn it!
2. Give us your thoughts on the Bulls draft.
Alex Quigley: I want those two draft picks gone and Melo or Love instead.
Evan F. Moore: Don't screw it up. Please find someone who can score.
Tracy Swartz: They should focus on getting Carmelo. The rest is a cap shoot.
Jimmy Greenfield: Well, considering I'm writing this before the picks were made ... no, thank you.
Bag Boy: All in all, a tremendous opportunity to load up on average players!
3. Congratulate Duncan Keith on his Norris Trophy.
Alex Quigley: Welcome to the Hockey Hall of Fame, No. 2.
Evan F. Moore: "Wakey, Wakey Duncan." -- Drew Doughty
Tracy Swartz: So glad they decided to chew chew choose you.
Jimmy Greenfield: Congratulations, and thank you. This was more crystal clear than any other NHL award this season.
Bag Boy: On behalf of myself and the Chicago dental community, thank you.
4. Manny Ramirez reports to the Cubs' Iowa affiliate this week. Discuss.
Alex Quigley: It'll be important for Kris Bryant to learn how to sulk like an All-Star.
Evan F. Moore: Manny being Manny in Iowa is wrong on so many levels.
Tracy Swartz: Maybe AAA can jump start his battery.
Jimmy Greenfield: This is getting more attention than when Elvis reported to the Army.
Bag Boy: He and Kris Bryant represent the best the Cubs have at this point.
5. Aaron Rodgers says this year's Packers are bigger and more physical. What does that mean for the Bears?
Alex Quigley: I will assume this also means dumber and slower. Bears 63, Packers 0.
Evan F. Moore: Paraphrasing the old saying, they'll fall harder.
Tracy Swartz: Cutler has to get an even bigger head.
Jimmy Greenfield: I don't know, but I'll never miss a chance to say Jay Cutler is overrated. So there you go.
Bag Boy: He forgot to say, "Much older, thanks to the Julius Peppers signing." Yeah, suck it, Aaron.