Mind Melo

If we didn't know any better, we'd swear one of our panelists is obsessed with a certain N.Y. Knick coming to Chicago.


4:56 PM CST, January 12, 2014


1. Make a prediction for the Fire's upcoming season.
Matt Pais: They will be either the greatest team that has ever played or have a totally mediocre year.
Jay St. Pierre: Wait, is this a "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" question? Because I haven't seen it yet.
Jane Monzures: "Chicago Fire" will win lots of Emmys and a crossover show with "Chicago PD." Plan to see several road closures for filming this summer.
Kat Velez: The team will literally catch on fire. Bridgeview still gets stuck with the bill somehow.
Michael Walton II: They will make a deep championship run bolstered by their midseason trade for Carmelo Anthony.
2. Why have the Blackhawks made so many trades this season?
Matt Pais: The NHL's misguided "make 10 trades, get the 11th free" clause. Not valid on holidays.
Jay St. Pierre: They like their players like Kim Kardashian likes her clothes: new and fresh.
Jane Monzures: Same reason we watch "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" -- for the drama.
Kat Velez: Gotta get some cheap guys to make some room to sign Kane and Toews!
Michael Walton II: They were trying to reshape their roster because they assumed they also had a chance to get Carmelo Anthony.
3. The Vancouver Canucks traded Roberto Luongo to Florida. That change anything for you?
Matt Pais: No, but I appreciate you checking. It means a lot.
Jay St. Pierre: Whooaaa, this changes ... well ... nothing in my life. Who the heck is Roberto Luongo anyway?
Jane Monzures: Not me but if he has Corey Crawford's gear, we know where to find it.
Kat Velez: I can openly admit that Luongo is one of my favorite players and the best NHL Twitter-er of all time.
Michael Walton II: Definitely. It brings to my attention that Florida has a hockey team.
4. After "Dallas Buyers Club," what movie will Adam Dunn star in next?
Matt Pais: Every other Oscar-winning Jared Leto movie. So nothing.
Jay St. Pierre: "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out."
Jane Monzures: "Magic Mike II," since he's done work with Matthew McConaughey and now he can move from behind the bar to the stage!
Kat Velez: He'll start in a movie about Chicago baseball: "A Series of Unfortunate Events."
Michael Walton II: "Chicago Sellers Club."
5. Who said this: "I just wanna go throw myself in it, but it's cold -- I touched it and it's cold"?
Matt Pais: More like who didn't say it, am I right? Wait, no, that's wrong.
Jay St. Pierre: It's not who SAID it, it's who THOUGHT it. Answer: EVERYONE WHO DID THE POLAR PLUNGE.
Jane Monzures: Me right when I decided NOT to do the Polar Plunge with Jimmy Fallon.
Kat Velez: The guy who stole Corey Crawford's mask.
Michael Walton II: Honestly, if Melo didn't say it, I didn't hear it.