1. Make a sports prediction for July.
Clark Jones: Facebook will find another contest to pretend they were fans of.
Katie Gibson: Um. Yay soccer. Because Chicago baseball is just too depressing.
Scott Bolohan: The United States of America still will be the greatest country in the world.
John Dooley: The Cubs will invent a new place in the standings -- below last place.
Angi Taylor: World Cup fever will be at 100 after the USA wins this week!
2. How should ties be broken in the World Cup knockout round?
Clark Jones: Hopefully with a jarring crash from Ann Coulter's forehead.
Katie Gibson: TKOs with the captains.
Scott Bolohan: Which country has more freedom.
John Dooley: Which team can listen to Ann Coulter longer wins.
Angi Taylor: Team with the hotter players automatically wins.
3. What can you tell us about Belgium's men's soccer team?
Clark Jones: Belgium? They tend to waffle on whatever's in style. #lightapplause
Katie Gibson: Well, their team nickname is the Red Devils. So they sound super nice.
Scott Bolohan: They universally hate liberty.
John Dooley: They like waffles. And chocolate. And I like stereotypes.
Angi Taylor: They'll at least have good beer to drown their sorrows in when they're crushed by the U.S. team.
4. How is a U.S. soccer viewing party different at Soldier Field than at Grant Park?
Clark Jones: There's probably more affordable parking at Grant Park.
Katie Gibson: Reminds us how close we are to football season. BEARS.
Scott Bolohan: Even more democracy.
John Dooley: You're required to boo the quarterback at Soldier Field. Even if he's not there.
Angi Taylor: Better concessions at Soldier Field. *more booze*
5. What's the holdup with Kane's and Toews' extensions with the Hawks?
Clark Jones: Two championships mean nothing to owners. Some guy named Jordan won six and still got the boot!
Katie Gibson: LeBron's agent thinks he can make another Big Three. Holding up the entire process.
Scott Bolohan: Kaner lost his phone.
John Dooley: Tommy Hawk wants a raise, problems ensuing.
Angi Taylor: They're waiting for the Carmelo/LeBron hype to die down so people give more effs.