Lovin' it

Wouldn't it be awesome if the Bulls got Kevin Love? Wouldn't it be almost as awesome if all the teasing would just stop?

6:56 PM CDT, July 23, 2014


1. Here we go again with the Kevin Love trade rumors. You buying it?
Matt Pais: Well, you know what they say about rumors? Really, do you? Not being rhetorical.
Katie Gibson: Bull[bleep].
Jane Monzures: No, like Tina Turner said, "What's Love got to do with it?"
Shaun Davis: I was told "Love Don't Cost a Thing," but this Love's price is too high. #Sell
Mick Swasko: I buy it, I just don't want to believe it.
2. The Blackhawks will be on national TV 20 times next season. That enough?
Matt Pais: One hundred billion is the acceptable number. Networks will feel our wrath. Wrath I say!
Katie Gibson: Enough? Absolutely not. Don't be ridiculous.
Jane Monzures: I smell Kris Jenner turning this into a reality show ...
Shaun Davis: 20 games without Pat Foley is too much. #NoMorePlease
Mick Swasko: Plenty. I prefer local commentary anyway.
3. Finish this sentence: Now that Bears training camp is here, I can stop ...
Matt Pais: ... saying, "When will Bears training camp get here?" Siri was no help in this department.
Katie Gibson: ... watching baseball.
Jane Monzures: ... practicing my high kicks while humming "Bear Down, Chicago Bears"!
Shaun Davis: ... acting like baseball matters in this town.
Mick Swasko: ... obsessively checking @ky1elong's Twitter for my %daily %bears %fix.
4. What should be Jay Cutler's primary focus during training camp?
Matt Pais: Kevin Love trade rumors. And gabbing with teammates. About Kevin Love trade rumors.
Katie Gibson: Less on the hair, more on complete passes.
Jane Monzures: Minimize turnovers, practice gunslinging techniques and diaper duty for the new guys.
Shaun Davis: Win games and don't give them away. #DontMessUpAGoodThing
Mick Swasko: Proving he's personable enough to be in a damn commercial. Even if it's for athlete's foot cream.
5. What will you miss most about Darwin Barney?
Matt Pais: His name. Which I guess doesn't change when he leaves the team, so I'm OK.
Katie Gibson: I'm supposed to miss something about a Cubs player?
Jane Monzures: The big purple suit he wears while discussing evolution; he just didn't go deep enough.
Shaun Davis: Can't miss what you never had. #NoPresence
Mick Swasko: Our late-night texts.