Lolla after-shock

1. What are the keys to being Matt Forte's backup?
Sean Ely: Tying his shoes, strapping his helmet and washing his jersey after games.
Pete McMurray: Strong forearms to lift those water bottles.
Ernest Wilkins: Patience while sitting on the bench -- maybe a skill like knitting?
Elliott Serrano: Know to block the blitzing corner. And what everyone likes in their coffee.
Emily Brown: Be ready to play if he gets hurt. Otherwise, don't expect to play, like, ever.
2. When a rookie gets reps with the first team at Bears training camp ...
Sean Ely: He burns the starters, because, let's be honest with ourselves, they aren't great.
Pete McMurray: Usually means a starter most likely had to take a potty break. Can I say potty break in RedEye?
Ernest Wilkins: Then it's good! We don't want to draft crappy rookies, right?
Elliott Serrano: He's one step closer to becoming a real Monster of the Midway.
Emily Brown: He's one step closer to becoming a real Monster of the Midway.
3. 109,000 people watching an English Premier League match in the U.S. is like...
Sean Ely: 109,000 Europeans watching a Cubs game. Or anyone watching a Cubs game. Unlikely.
Pete McMurray: A free donut stampede at the Donut Hut in Burr Ridge ...
Ernest Wilkins: Normal overseas. Stop sleeping on soccer, y'all!
Elliott Serrano: ... something I'd rather do than spend a day surrounded by drunk Lolla-goers in sweaty tees and too-short cutoff jeans.
Emily Brown: 109,000 people watching a NFL game in England.
4. What can Chicago sports teams learn from Lollapalooza?
Sean Ely: Endurance. And I even heard AAA pitcher John Domanico raged at Lolla then pitched a 1-hitter the next day.
Pete McMurray: Even mediocre talent sells tickets.
Ernest Wilkins: Wear a raincoat! Oh, and comfortable shoes.
Elliott Serrano: If you build an overpriced event that crams too many people in, they will come?
Emily Brown: Traffic control.
5. If Derrick Rose and the Bulls really are on the same page, what page is that?
Sean Ely: Last place -- err, I mean, the last page. Or something.
Pete McMurray: Page 1 of the New England Journal of Medicine.
Ernest Wilkins: "Focus on basketball so we can win a title," I hope.
Elliott Serrano: The appendix.
Emily Brown:Page 1, of course. Hello, it's Rose's number!
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