1.Five days until Selection Sunday. How are you preparing?
Clark Jones: Wishing I was a little bit taller, wishing I was a baller ...
Pat Tomasulo: By preparing for the inevitable "WGN Morning News/(insert sponsor here) Bracket Challenge"!
Scott Bolohan: Trying to make the "ePaul" on my diploma into "uke."
John Dooley: Thumb workouts. You can't just bounce between four channels without intense preparation.
Angi Taylor: By practicing being alone for days at a time -- I don't exist to my man during March Madness.
2. What's your favorite conference tournament?
Clark Jones: The one with all the players who stayed until their senior year. #MIAconference
Pat Tomasulo: NJ Shore Conference Wrestling Tournament. I wrestled it in three times.
Scott Bolohan: Yalta. Go Churchill!
John Dooley: The Missouri Valley. You can't beat a fan base that looks like it just walked out of a meth lab: Meet Wichita people.
Angi Taylor: Is the Puppy Bowl a tournament?
3. How did Joakim Noah and his dad celebrate the Bulls' win over Miami?
Clark Jones: Protecting Joakim's sister from my Selection Sunday. #beautiful
Pat Tomasulo: Was his dad at the game? I really wish they would have shown him on TV ...
Scott Bolohan: Each got his own slice at The Cheesecake Factory.
John Dooley: Celebrate? Doesn't Thibs have them in the film room for the next 36 hours, then they run sprints?
Angi Taylor: Father-son lap dances at The Factory.
4. Give us your best Gregg Popovich impression as the Bulls host San Antonio on Tuesday.
Clark Jones: Imagine a Gold Coast bouncer, without the personality.
Pat Tomasulo: My mouth isn't moving, but my eyes are calling you a jackass.
Scott Bolohan: "Yeah baby! Very shagadelic!"
John Dooley: *Popovich stares intensely at RedEye questioner; long silence*
Angi Taylor: "We suck. The Bulls suck. Chicago sucks. This all sucks. Sucky suck."
5. If Martellus Bennett's brother Michael had signed with the Bears ...
Clark Jones: ... their names are Bennett, and the Bears would win it.
Pat Tomasulo: ... Jermon Bushrod's brother, Jamminmy, wouldn't be far behind.
Scott Bolohan: ... the top bunk would have been a huge training camp battle.
John Dooley: ... Martellus and Michael would have been a shoe-in for a "Perfect Strangers" spinoff.
Angi Taylor: ... two-for-one brothers' lap dances at The Factory were a certainty.