1. Make up a drill for the Bears to do in training camp.
Clark Jones: Tip drill: just a suggestion box on what to do with Chris Conte.
Kyle Means: Three-legged run. It is camp, after all. Should bring more togetherness than all the fights.
Scott King (RedEye contributor, @scottkingmedia): Synchronized beatboxing.
John Dooley: The "try to stop the running back before a 20-yard gain" drill.
Angi Taylor: The Jay Cutler Stays Healthy All Year drill.
2. Got any advice for the Bears trying to make it as long snappers?
Clark Jones: Get used to that position, it's the same whether they keep ya or cut ya.
Kyle Means: Get in plenty of reps and watch your lactose intake -- the punters ain't that far behind you.
Scott King (RedEye contributor, @scottkingmedia): It's all in the hips, or just picture Jay Cutler in his underwear if you get nervous before the snap.
John Dooley: Channel your inner Mannelly.
Angi Taylor: Don't expect any groupie love, that's reserved for the skill positions.
3. Why does Jared Allen feel he's a perfect fit with the Bears?
Clark Jones: He gets signed to a Chicago team after his prime. Sounds right.
Kyle Means: Plenty of leftover lassos from when the former O-line coaches had to corral J'Marcus Webb.
Scott King (RedEye contributor, @scottkingmedia): Heard good things about the players' monthly book club.
John Dooley: He rushes the QB well but can't stop the run.
Angi Taylor: There was a need for a redneck on defense.
4. If Cubs manager Rick Renteria doesn't like the term "playing spoiler," what can his team do instead?
Clark Jones: Would playing "baseball" be asking too much?
Kyle Means: Not worry about semantics so much and clear the way for Kris Bryant and Co.
Scott King (RedEye contributor, @scottkingmedia): Playing with extra pep in your step.
John Dooley: "Play better."
Angi Taylor: Hey, they've been successful being the anti-spoiler, why stop now?
5. Why did LeBron James change his jersey number back to 23?
Clark Jones: Two new jerseys would run just past the city of Cleveland's yearly budget.
Kyle Means: The pleasure of seeing meatheads who burned their previous 23s coming back to cop another -- too good to pass up.
Scott King (RedEye contributor, @scottkingmedia): To get the asinine Jordan comparisons started up again.
John Dooley: To remind us he's better than Micha- ... bwahaha. Sorry. I couldn't finish that without laughing.
Angi Taylor: If he's going to go back to not winning championships, then he'd might as well do it in his old number.