Whether you are going to the fest or at home with FOMO, we got you covered.

Icy hot

1. By the end of the NHL postseason, we'll be talking about ...
Matt Pais: ... robots taking over the Earth. Probably won't happen; if it does, we'll have to talk about it.
Jay St. Pierre: ... baseball, basketball, maybe the NFL draft? All sports more important than hockey!
Jane Monzures: ... how great our suntans look and how hot it's been!
Lisa Arnett: ... why K-Cav and Jay named chose such a ridiculous name for their second-born.
Kate Bernot ... how itchy dudes' playoff beards are.
2. Give a nickname to Niklas Hjalmarsson's newborn son, Theo.
Matt Pais: Theo "Unpredictable" Hjalmarsson. Because he was just born.
Jay St. Pierre: Theon Greyjoy! Wait, he's not having a good season so far on "Game of Thrones." Let me keep thinking.
Jane Monzures: "Nattuggla."
Lisa Arnett: I can't figure out how to shorten Theo, so it's gotta be Hjaly.
Kate Bernot: "Silent H."
3. If D-Rose's comeback was "The Return," what should Patrick Kane's be called?
Matt Pais: "Return of the Mack." Falsetto not included.
Jay St. Pierre: "The Kaner Comeback."
Jane Monzures: "The Mullet."
Lisa Arnett: "He's baaaaaack."
Kate Bernot: "Pat Trick."
4. Why is everything "cloudy" for Carmelo Anthony right now?
Matt Pais: Could be his career. Or his health. Or his ill-advised homemade Lemon Chill outfit, "'Melo Yellow."
Jay St. Pierre: He must be hanging out with Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa or Chief Keef.
Jane Monzures: He's been hanging out with Joakim Noah too much.
Lisa Arnett: He's been spending too much time in the steam room.
Kate Bernot: He, like Joakim Noah, just found out it snowed this week.
5. How is A.J. Pierzynski spending his time back in Chicago this week?
Matt Pais: Trying to prove that his return should be called "Return of the Mack." Not happening.
Jay St. Pierre: By talking to White Sox players about what it's like to be on a winning squad.
Jane Monzures: Probably in line getting his Maxwell Street Polish fix.
Lisa Arnett: Trying to sort out which color Sox he plays for these days.
Kate Bernot: Shoving as many Italian beef sandwiches in his duffel bag as he can.
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