1. Which team should Bulls fans dislike most: Cleveland or Miami?
Clark Jones: Miami. Cleveland is still recovering from the Craig Ehlo shot.
Sean Terry: Both. In the words of Johnny Ola, "Hyman Roth always makes money for his partners."
Scott Bolohan: Cleveland, since their fans now live in both cities.
Bear Jordan: Detroit. Still no contest.
Angi Taylor: Miami. I'm still pissed about the first "Decision."
2. How can baseball's All-Star Game get more people to watch?
Clark Jones: Change the name from "Midsummer Classic" to "The Decision"
Sean Terry: Let politicians play. "Big egos, money and made-for-TV drama make a fine metaphor for contemporary politics."
Scott Bolohan: Make it so no one scores for 90 minutes. The world loves that.
Bear Jordan: Let me pitch, like I've been been asking to do for years.
Angi Taylor: All players in jockstraps only. (Well, you'd get more gals and gays ...)
3. The first half of the Chicago baseball season will be remembered for ...
Clark Jones: ... allowing us to spend more time away from television.
Sean Terry: Seriously? The baseball season doesn't begin until after the All-Star Game.
Scott Bolohan: ... the time Ronald Belisario didn't give up a run.
Bear Jordan: ... Derrick Rose nursing his knee back to health.
Angi Taylor: Oh. Did that happen already?
4. What would Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews say to the Hawks prospects at camp this week?
Clark Jones: "Guys, next season one of you will fulfill the important role of handling our dry cleaning."
Sean Terry: "Bring your `A' game but be responsible! Chelsea Daggers come a dime a dozen."
Scott Bolohan: "You can't always be drinking and having sex. You have to play hockey too." -- Kaner
Bear Jordan: "Anyone see the Stanley Cup? We seem to have lost it."
Angi Taylor: "If you aren't physically capable of growing a beard, GO HOME NOW."Twitter.
5. Making an eagle on the last hole to win the British Open is like ...
Clark Jones: ... having the perfect comeback insult the last time you see your ex.
Sean Terry: ... "inbounds pass to Jordan, here's Michael at the foul line, a shot on Ehlo ..." followed by fist pumps and uproar.
Scott Bolohan: ... doing something mildly athletic in a sport.
Bear Jordan: ... LeBron James returning to his hometown.
Angi Taylor: ... winning a World Cup match by six goals! Wait ...