Hey, Sami!

1. The Bears are still fighting in training camp. What's a head coach to do?
Sami Grisafe (Former Chicago Force QB, @SamiGrisafe): #HungerGames
Bear Jordan: Turn off the AC in the dorms. That ought to take care of it.
Soxman: Carpe diem. Martysaurus Rex vs. Kyle "High Hit" Fuller at WWE's SummerSlam.
Mick Swasko: Let `em go. "Play Angry" worked out really well in Super Bowl XLI.
Ernest Wilkins: Hmm, maybe let them fight? #FreeTheBlackUnicorn
2. Detroit Lions quarterbacks will wear recycled jerseys. What are the Bears waiting for?
Sami Grisafe (Former Chicago Force QB, @SamiGrisafe): The rest of the city of Chicago to start recycling. One Team, One City, One Jersey.
Bear Jordan: The Chicago Park District's advice, maybe?
Soxman: The Bears get "green" enough when quarterbacks like Cade McNown and Rick Mirer are mentioned.
Mick Swasko: I don't know, you'd think the Cutler/Cavallari crew would be SO TOTALLY into Upcycling.
Ernest Wilkins: Wait, what? What are they recycled from? The tears of their fan base over the past 40 years?
3. How will Cubs fans welcome Javier Baez to Wrigley Field on Friday?
Sami Grisafe (Former Chicago Force QB, @SamiGrisafe): With a beer and a dream.
Bear Jordan: By throwing his home run back onto the field.
Soxman: The usual, ecstatic enthusiasm followed by epic letdown. I kid, I kid.
Mick Swasko: Like Baez caught them slippin'.
Ernest Wilkins: Hopefully with a statue? He's gonna be the truth, Ruth.
4. Jose Abreu is so underappreciated in Chicago ...
Sami Grisafe (Former Chicago Force QB, @SamiGrisafe): ... his replica jerseys are being sent to Detroit for their recycled jersey fad this fall. #aheadofthecurve
Bear Jordan: ... he's THIS close to asking to be traded to Detroit. DETROIT!
Soxman: Ummm disagree. Have you heard the national anthem? "Jose can you see?"
Mick Swasko: ... everyone forgot he won "Most Underappreciated" with all the other accolades he's gotten.
Ernest Wilkins: ... that he's already in the Hall of Fame, but we care more about the Bears' third-stringers.
5. Soccer's popularity in the U.S. is soaring. What gives?
Sami Grisafe (Former Chicago Force QB, @SamiGrisafe): Soccer was No. 1 on BuzzFeed's "Top 5 Sports With A Hot Fan Base." Soccer also was No. 1 on the "Top 10 Bandwagons of 2014."
Bear Jordan: Ask Martellus Bennett.
Soxman: A World Cup semifinal can have that effect on a country.
Mick Swasko: We're finally learning to juggle a nation of two footballs.
Ernest Wilkins: Everyone finally got with the program? Pro Tip: Support Everton in the Premiership!
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