The newest member of the Blackhawks family was born early Tuesday, to defenseman Duncan Keith and his wife: Colton Duncan Keith (7 pounds, 7 ounces).

Good, strong name. And far be it for us to attempt to wield influence on what the Keiths should name their offspring ... actually, it's fun, so that's what we're gonna do. Maybe they'll change their minds.

So presenting, RedEye's top 10 names for Duncan Keith's son--with help from our Twitter followers.


10. Anything but Raffi

He knows what he did.


9. Anything to which you can seamlessly add "er" or "y"

Assuming the kid's gonna be a hockey player, which is likely, this is a great


8. Toby

Get it? A country music joke from @allday427. Good stuff.


7. Stanley Norris

Ah, two trophies near and dear to his daddy's heart (via @19JToews).


6. Xanax

Because it's different. And because Daddy's gonna need a lot of sleep in the near future.


5. Winnston

With the extra "n" to honor his hometown of Winnipeg. Classy.