1. What's more heartbreaking than the way the U.S. bowed out of the World Cup?
Matt Pais: So, so many things that can happen in the world. Also: "Friday Night Lights."
Jay St. Pierre: That Chicago fans STILL act like they know soccer. With that said, way to step up and support the Red, White and Blue!
Kate Bernot: That the World Cup is still going on without us, humming like an annoying mosquito in the background.
Shaun Davis: Watching the Bulls constantly get played in free agency.
Michael Walton II: Playing for the New York Knicks.
2. No Chicago teams are in action Thursday. How will you spend the day?
Matt Pais: Coming up with a way to welcome Brad Richards to the Blackhawks.
Jay St. Pierre: Same way I do my other days off. #DayDrinking
Kate Bernot: The same thing I do every night, Pinky: try and take over the world!
Shaun Davis: #CantLose I'll drink to that.
Michael Walton II: Hounding Carmelo Anthony on social media. #NoShame
3. Welcome Brad Richards to the Blackhawks.
Matt Pais: Hi.
Jay St. Pierre: Who the hell is Brad Richards?!
Kate Bernot: Hi, Brad! We hope to see your formidable red playoff beard this year.
Shaun Davis: Brad, we've beaten the Kings before and next year is no different. #TakeItBack
Michael Walton II: Welcome to the Chicago Blackhawks. We don't play around with any of that thin crust mess.
4. What is Carmelo Anthony's wife thinking throughout NBA free agency?
Matt Pais: "Why was I in 'Think Like a Man Too'? I did nothing, and that movie was terrible."
Jay St. Pierre: Wait, Carmelo has a wife? News to me.
Kate Bernot: "These dinner table conversations are getting really self-centered, Melo."
Shaun Davis: "I'll let him have his fun, but we're going shopping when he gets back." #EmpireStateOfMind
Michael Walton II: "What's a pay cut?"
5. Jose Abreu just keeps smashing home runs. You impressed?
Matt Pais: I don't care about the White Sox.
Jay St. Pierre: I was impressed with Abreu since opening day.
Kate Bernot: As someone who struggles to bat .200 in company softball, YES.
Shaun Davis: Yessss! Hell yes! #InnerHawk
Michael Walton II: Yes, but not as impressed as I am with Carmelo Anthony's scoring prowess.