Whether you are going to the fest or at home with FOMO, we got you covered.


1. If you could add an event to the Winter Games, what would it be?
Twitter/Facebook: Vince LiFonti: Shoveling out a Chicago parking spot. Judged on speed, quality and creativity of object used to save spot.
Evan F. Moore: Pothole dodging. A South Sider would win the gold easily.
Phil Thompson: Slopestyle trauma response: The snowboarder who gets the fastest medical attention lives.
Jimmy Greenfield: The 46-man luge dodge.
Bag Boy: Snowmobiling.
2. When you hear the word "slopestyle," what comes to mind?
Twitter/Facebook: @WindyCityLA When the mattress is on a tilt but you're too tired to fix it, so you just do it slopestyle.
Evan F. Moore: A teenager who sags his skinny jeans.
Phil Thompson: Peyton Manning's throwing motion.
Jimmy Greenfield: "Heeeeeey, sexy lady!"
Bag Boy: Something I tried in college -- I passed out for four days.
3. The Olympics opening ceremonies wouldn't be the same without ___.
Twitter/Facebook: @davelosso All those dancing bears. Who taught them how to dance?!
Evan F. Moore: A heavy amount of jingoism.
Phil Thompson: A parade of stray dogs riding nonflushing toilets filled with yellow water down a half-paved street. Thanks, Sochi.
Jimmy Greenfield: That one country whose name you didn't realize actually started with a different letter.
Bag Boy: Oh, the wonderful silly uniforms.
4. How should the Bears spend the money from their increased ticket prices?
Twitter/Facebook: @rookiephenom Trade Conte and double down on 13 cheerleaders and a popcorn stand.
Evan F. Moore: Spend the dough on a defensive tackle who won't get blocked into the Field Museum.
Phil Thompson: Pass rusher. Now ponder this: If you're peddling defense signs outside the stadium, does that make you a "D" fence?
Jimmy Greenfield: Return the money by decreasing ticket prices. Win-win.
Bag Boy: That thing they did with their offense last offseason? Do it again with the defense.
5. What should the new David Beckham-owned MLS team be called?
Twitter/Facebook: @Losso_Fitness Fauxhawk Down.
Evan F. Moore: Manchester Madrid Galaxy. You know, after some of the teams Beckham has played for.
Phil Thompson: Becks on the Beach. Could also double as the name of a cocktail served at the stadium.
Jimmy Greenfield: The Miami I Really Could Not Care Less.
Bag Boy: The Bend-its. That's from "Bend it Like Beckham," oh never mind.
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