Whether you are going to the fest or at home with FOMO, we got you covered.

Reset button, eh?

1. Whom do you want to quarterback the Bears next season?
Clark Jones: Kanye! He ain't got the answers neither!
Jay St. Pierre: Johnny Manziel. Because he may be the only person who can let down Bears fans more than Cutler.
Scott Bolohan: James Franco would be pretty dope.
John Dooley: Not Chris Conte.
Angi Taylor: My 8-year-old daughter. She's got a better arm and is much less of a whiny brat.
2. If Jay Cutler has played his last game as a Bear ...
Clark Jones: ... I can finally stop responding to the people on Twitter who want him back, I hope.
Jay St. Pierre: ... tell him what my mom told me when I turned 18: "We love you to death, but get your [bleep] and get out."
Scott Bolohan: ... I'm going to need to find a new wingman.
John Dooley: ... then meatballs need to find somebody else to get after ... Conte?
Angi Taylor: ... tell me now so we can start planning a citywide party.
3. Describe Marc Trestman's first season as Bears coach in three words.
Clark Jones: Tackling for what?
Jay St. Pierre: Missed ... The ... Playoffs.
Scott Bolohan: I am pregnant.
John Dooley: Conte. Ruins. EVERYTHING.
Angi Taylor: Not. Good. Enough.
4. What's the lasting image of 2013 Chicago sports?
Clark Jones: Poor Brandon Marshall still lying on the ground captures it all.
Jay St. Pierre: Don't really remember it. I was drinking away my sorrows most of the time.
Scott Bolohan: Corey Crawford doing a keg stand on the Stanley Cup, probably.
John Dooley: Chris Conte missing that one tackle in that one game. Or all of them.
Angi Taylor: Uhhh. Well ... meh.
5. Which Chicago athlete most needs a fresh start in 2014?
Clark Jones: Chris Conte. He needs to be recognized for more than blowing coverage.
Jay St. Pierre: The city itself. Two losing baseball teams, football team going 8-8 and losing Rose. Save us, Hawks!
Scott Bolohan: Felix Pie. This is the year.
John Dooley: Chris Conte needs a fresh start. In the CFL.
Angi Taylor: Jay Cutler. With the CFL.
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