1. Let's have your Australian Open prediction.
Sean Ely: Tournament officials serve Vegemite sandwiches before matches begin and all players are rushed to a nearby Melbourne hospital.
Pete McMurray: That I will watch the highlights on "SportsCenter."
Ernest Wilkins: A guy with a lot of consonants in his last name will win. Bet on it!
Elliott Serrano: "Crocodile Dundee 3" will begin filming on the back nine.
Sarah Spain: Tennis will be played, that's for sure!
2. Convince Masahiro Tanaka to play in Chicago.
Pete McMurray: Rise Sushi is on Southport near the park. Great joint!
Ernest Wilkins: Uh, we promise not to make those racist T-shirts we did when Fukudome came?
Elliott Serrano: Why threaten U.S.-Japan relations?
Sarah Spain: Do you hate winning but love pizza? This is the place for you.
3. What will Alex Rodriguez do during his season-long suspension?
Sean Ely: Adopt a recently surrendered dog named Wrigley.
Pete McMurray: Yoga with Madonna.
Ernest Wilkins: Hook up with attractive women and spend money. Are we sure he's being punished enough?
Elliott Serrano: I hear Madonna has got nothing better to do ...
Sarah Spain: Rock back-and-forth in a million-dollar chair in a multimillion-dollar home, insisting he's gotten a raw deal.
4. A major league ballplayer was injured by his dog, Wrigley. Discuss.
Sean Ely: This simply proves nothing good has ever come from anything named "Wrigley."
Pete McMurray: The curse continues and has transcended to the pet world! I blame Shawon Dunston.
Ernest Wilkins: Like his namesake, how much you wanna bet that dog smells faintly of pee all the time?
Elliott Serrano: Former Bears QB Brian Griese plays baseball now? Does the dog have a drinking problem?
Sarah Spain: Just another "Cubbie Occurence."
5. The Bulls have won five straight again. How encouraged are you?
Sean Ely: If the Chicago Bulls LOST five straight, I'd be dancing in the streets. Once again: I. AM. FROM. DETROIT.
Pete McMurray: As encouraged as I was when they hired Tim Floyd.
Ernest Wilkins: VERY. I think a lot of folks gave up on the Bulls after the Deng/Rose ordeals. You shouldn't have.
Elliott Serrano: This team can't even make the draft lottery properly. Sheesh.
Sarah Spain: Terribly discouraged. This tanking thing is not going well at all.
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