1. Which high-profile Chicagoan did Carmelo Anthony (allegedly!) consult about what it's like to be famous here?
Tracy Swartz: Chief Keef. He also talked to him about shots he don't like.
Julie DiCaro: Gotta be Giuliana, right?
Soxman: When Melo joins the Bulls and wears a white sock arm sleeve next year, you'll know.
Katie Gibson: Famous people live here? I thought the last four polar vortexes did them in.
Ernest Wilkins: Me! What? If I don't believe in myself, why should you?
2. Mike Krzyzewski said this summer could be a "springboard" for Derrick Rose. What does that mean?
Tracy Swartz: Springs are replacing his joints. Still, don't hinge on success.
Julie DiCaro: Three words: Derrick Rose, gymnast.
Soxman: Springboards tend to put less stress on the knees.
Katie Gibson: I don't know, I don't speak overrated.
3. The "Sandberg Game" was played at Wrigley Field 30 years ago this week. How are you celebrating?
Tracy Swartz: With wyne.
Julie DiCaro: By eating a really terrible Italian ice with a wooden "spoon."
Soxman: I'm going to watch him manage the Phillies. Epic fail by Cubs ownership there.
Katie Gibson: Um ... I'm not.
Ernest Wilkins: By going to Philadelphia? Does anyone want a cheesesteak? They're on me!
4. Bid adieu to Patrick Mannelly.
Tracy Swartz: **Snaps**
Julie DiCaro: So long, Pat. Please teach someone to long-snap on your way out!
Soxman: Sixteen years in the NFL was quite a hike! Congrats.
Katie Gibson: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down ...
Ernest Wilkins: *Writes a thank you card, puts head between legs, snaps it to Mannelly*
5. Brian Urlacher's golf game has reportedly improved since leaving football. What else is he doing with his time?
Tracy Swartz: Blondes.
Julie DiCaro: Catching up on the past two seasons of "19 Kids and Counting."
Soxman: There's nothing he can't sack if he puts his mind to it.
Katie Gibson: All the single ladies, all the single ladies.
Ernest Wilkins: Zumba? Pilates? Jai Alai? Slamball? Thundergroove? Basherball? OK, I'm making sports up now ...