Dave's here

1. What would be Martellus Bennett's WWE nickname?
Matt Pais: Let's really hope it doesn't come to that.
Jay St. Pierre: Body Slam Bennett.
Jane Monzures: Slammin' Marty Bourbonnais.
Shaun Davis: The Thriller. #WannaBeStartinSomething
Dave Ross (120 Sports anchor, @dross120): Martysaurus Rex. He'd have to wear a dinosaur costume in the ring.
2. Carlos Boozer's next rap song should be about ...
Matt Pais: Let's really hope it doesn't come to that.
Jay St. Pierre: Every time I hear "Boozer," I want to make a beer reference. So "Who's on the Booze Cruise?" is his next hit.
Jane Monzures: ... his new life, to the tune of "Hooray for Hollywood."
Shaun Davis: ... #Coattails using #DuckTales track. He rode LeBron's to a big contract and a gold medal.
Dave Ross (120 Sports anchor, @dross120): ... "L.A.'s a looong way ... from Durham."
3. How can Derrick Rose ensure himself a spot on the final Team USA roster?
Matt Pais: I feel worried about this too.
Jay St. Pierre: Wrap himself in bubble wrap. I mean, it worked for the cyclist on Wednesday's RedEye cover.
Jane Monzures: Don't get hurt? Just a suggestion.
Shaun Davis: Show up to practice. #NeverADoubt
Dave Ross (120 Sports anchor, @dross120): Don't land on any stanchions awkwardly. Please.
4. The NBA finally has its first full-time female assistant coach. Thoughts?
Matt Pais: I'm for it. Cue the stupid comments on the Internet.
Jay St. Pierre: About time! Just wait until people realize Becky Hammon is as good a coach as a lot of the head coaches in the NBA.
Jane Monzures: Glass backboards are shattering all over the place today! Congrats to Becky Hammon.
Shaun Davis: Spurs ahead of the curve as always.
Dave Ross (120 Sports anchor, @dross120): No surprise it's the Spurs. Always ahead of the curve.
5. What's a "bite clause"?
Matt Pais: If someone bites you, you get to bite them back. Fortunately, you don't have to.
Jay St. Pierre: I wouldn't know. I'm a lover, not a biter.
Jane Monzures: Something about soccer players not being allowed to compete on "Iron Chef."
Shaun Davis: Umm. A refund policy for Sixers, Pacers, Astros and Jaguars fans. #MyTeamBites
Dave Ross (120 Sports anchor, @dross120): Something Mike Tyson invented. And introduced to Evander Holyfield.
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