1. Peyton Manning is dancing at training camp. What will Jay Cutler do to top it?
Kate Bernot: Dance ballet en pointe. Such a graceful swan.
Katie Gibson: Nothing. Because nothing tops Peyton Manning doing some sort of weird honky tonk thing.
Soxman: He will try leading the Bears to the BIG "Dance" in February.
Brad Zibung: As long as it doesn't result in a season-ending injury, he can do whatever he wants.
Ernest Wilkins: Hopefully throwing a LOT of touchdowns? FOCUS BIG JAY, YOU VAN-DRIVING GLORY BOY!
2. After one week of Team USA practice, Derrick Rose's knees will be ...
Kate Bernot: ... the subject of their own "30 for 30," probably.
Katie Gibson: ... JUST FINE, OK?
Soxman: ... begging for some love. Kevin Love, that is.
Brad Zibung: ... better than ever, assuming "ever" means since right before his first knee injury.
Ernest Wilkins: ... as good as my responses to Five on Fives! Well, except this one.
3. Um, who would pay $100K for a Johnny Manziel jersey?
Kate Bernot: His mom. I mean, she's got the money, right?
Katie Gibson: Well I would hope no one is that stupid, but this is Cleveland, so ...
Soxman: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Since he wouldn't overpay for the man, he overpaid for the jersey.
Brad Zibung: Not me, but I wouldn't pay $100,000 for pretty much anything, so I'm far from the best point of contact on this.
Ernest Wilkins: WHO TOLD YOU? OK, it was me. Look, I have a BIG issue with spending. DON'T TELL MY GIRLFRIEND.
4. Who's your go-to source for the best baseball trade rumors?
Kate Bernot: I only have time for Beyonce/Jay Z divorce rumors now, sorry.
Katie Gibson: I only have eyes for Chris Sosa.
Soxman: Michael Jackson sang it best: "I'm starting with the man in the mirror!"
Brad Zibung: I'm not sure yet, but since I follow the Cubs, I have a couple of years until they're buyers at the deadline to figure it out.
Ernest Wilkins: Sean Ely. He's been 100 percent about this John Domanico kid.
5. Uh oh. The Detroit Lions tabled Ndamukong Suh's contract talks. You scared?
Kate Bernot: Nuh uh.
Katie Gibson: If he gets paid less, he'll take it out on Cutler. GIVE HIM ALL THE MONIES, DETROIT.
Soxman: Legally I can't discuss anything involving a team from Detroit. White Sox fans might Suh me.
Brad Zibung: Why would I be scared? I'm not an opposing player he's trying to assault.
Ernest Wilkins: Nope! Anything to get him out of the NFC Central, I'm all in for.