The Cubs don't suck, the wind at Wrigley is just blowing the wrong way. 

That's The Weather Channel's theory, anyway. In a recent segment on Chicago weather, TWC's Mike Bettes and Reese Waters offer up the theory that northeast winds blowing into the stadium have occured more often this season, and it's contributing to crummy hitting for both the home team and their opponents. 

So far this year, 67 home runs have been hit at Wrigley, leaving the stadium on pace to see 129 if the pattern holds, according to the segment. That would mean a steep drop from last season, where the stadium saw a total of 175. In fact, according to TWC, 129 homers would be the fewest homers hit since 2010. 

The reason? So far this year, 60 percent of home games have seen northeast winds that blow into the stadium and make it hard to hit the ball out. Just 26 percent (11 games) of games this year have seen southwest winds, which are favorable for home runs. 

The weather wizards do have a prediction for Tuesday's game at Wrigley versus San Diego. Aside from the warm weather, winds should be blowing out of the stadium at 13 mph at first pitch at 7:05 p.m., so conditions are ripe for the long ball. 

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