Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony and his wife should have no problem fitting in as Chicago residents. (Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune / July 1, 2014)

On Tuesday, Carmelo Anthony received the red carpet treatment as he made his first stop on his free agency tour in Chicago. While I'm certain the Bulls organization, including the front office, coach Tom Thibodeau and certain key players, did a great job selling Chicago to Carmelo, I would like to put the icing on the cake with my top five reasons he should sign with the Bulls.

1. The Bulls are in desperate need of a scorer, and Carmelo needs a coach like Thibodeau to improve his defense. Melo signing with the Bulls would solve both those problems with ease.

2. LaLa Anthony, Melo's wife, can get acquainted with Chicago's version of Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive: Oak Street. Her shopping trysts with Ciara and Kim K. can continue in this great city, just without the crazy paparazzi.

3. Melo would join an elite group of players who want to win just as much as he does. No longer would he play alongside teammates who seem to enjoy getting fined and benched. (Looking at you, J.R. Smith.) Bulls players are about teamwork and one ultimate goal—winning a championship.

4. Bulls fans treat every player like a superstar. Sure, Derrick Rose is our hometown hero, but Melo would never be overshadowed. We would welcome him with open arms, as was the case Tuesday.

5. Last but certainly not least, Chicago is just simply the best place to be. We may not have Jack Nicholson at every home game like the Lakers, but our fans trump any celebrity you will ever see courtside. Unlike in Houston or L.A., winter here is a beast, but we learn to live through it. And the United Center isn't considered historic like Madison Square Garden, but the banners at the top highlighting our reign in the '90s will serve as motivation every night.

So, come on, Melo. Make the right decision. Come to our incredible city, join our talented team and let's go for No. 7. See what I did there?

Lela Olds is a RedEye special contributor.

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