Luol Deng and LeBron James

Bulls forward Luol Deng gets physical with LeBron James on Thursday. What else is new. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune / December 5, 2013)

Bulls. Heat. Do we wish Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade were playing? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean Chicago fans want to burn Miami any less. Follow us all game for updates.

Fourth quarter

Joakim Noah's finger pistols make an appearance. Now you know it's special occasion. 

... And now Joakim is workingthe crowd after another basket. Don't ever tell him this game doesn't mean more than others.

Still no Heat starters in the game, halfway through the fourth quarter. They giving up? 

Bulls up 19 late in the game, and Hinrich is guarding LeBron. We're not sure who loves roughing him up more: Kirk or Joakim.

Done deal. Bulls win 107-87, having dominated since late in the third quarter. Big Macs for everyone!

Third quarter

Aaaaaand Kirk Hinrich and Norris Cole are up in each other's faces. UFC doesn't get here until January, but you can't tell those two that.

It wouldn't be a Bulls-Heat game without at least one flagrant foul. No sirree.

In adorable news, a guy proposed to his Luvabull girlfriend at center court ... and she said yes! Baller proposal.

Taj Gibson rumbles to the hoop, scores and is fouled. Bulls up 22. Making it look easy.

Boos for LeBron get even LOUDER after a midcourt scuffle on the floor. The Heat came out with it, but the Bulls lead 85-63 at halftime. 

Second quarter

Deng gave a subtle stiff-arm to a defender. Happens all the time in the NBA, but it might mean just a little bit more in this rivalry.

Bulls are absolutely punishing the Heat in the paint. Indiana had that right.

Almost halfway through the second quarter, the Bulls are 6-for-6 from 3-point range but 3-for-9 from the foul line. Whatever works. They've got a 43-28 lead.

Marquis Teague goes down hard on a foul by Chalmers. Dude better be carefullest he get a reputation. 

One gets the feeling Joakim Noah really enjoys guarding LeBron James. He's clapping his hands and everything, even when he doesn't have the ball.

LeBron took a shot on his way back downcourt after converting a layup. Coincidence? Hmmm.