Kyle Long was on a roll Tuesday. The Bears offensive lineman (@ky1elong) uncorked a series of "%truth" tweets for more than an hour, riffing on everything from his Little League days to his least favorite fruit. Some were enlightening, others were slightly disturbing. Here are our favorites.

OK, but what about Ryan Gosling's performance in "Drive"?  

i was benched by my Little League coach late in a game because i couldn't be trusted in crunch time %truth %9-10AllStars

— SPODERMEN (@Ky1eLong) March 18, 2014

Maybe he was rattled by the "hey, nobatternobatternobatter SWING batter" chants.


Jay Cutler accidentally got his baby's butt cream in his coif one time, and the rest is history.

Seriously? Even in smoothies?


Yep, we're cool with that. 

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