No Country for Old Men.

At least we know Chicago is for the young. This week we say goodbye to Julius Peppers and Josh McCown and Devin Hester and maybe Charles Tillman. We say hello to Lamarr Houston, Ryan Mundy and Jordan Senn.

Honestly, I have never heard of any of these guys, but hey! They're our Bears now!

As for you, Josh McCown, you broke my heart. You really did. Family man this, Jay Cutler's buddy that, not about the money that. Yeah, follow the money all the way to Tampa and Lovie Smith! Ten million for two years. Lovie, I'm so glad you're not our coach anymore.

Good luck! Advice: Quarterbacks under Lovie tend to wither and die. Ask Jay Cutler.

As for the opportunity to start, see previous comment.

Why does it feel like we still need a safety, a cornerback, another defensive end, and now another QB? Oh yeah, because we do!

Thank you, Jerry Angelo. Years now since you left and we're still trying to find a safety because you couldn't.

I'm unimpressed. Maybe it's because Bill Polian once said this: "Great teams aren't built in March."

He's right. If the Bears do just have a halfway decent job of college scouting, there's no need to go through this every year. We're like those pathetic brides hunting down a wedding dress at Filene's Basement!

Also, free agency isn't free, baby. Costs time and money. But it's what we have.

Good for you, Phil Emery, for not panicking and overpaying for anybody. Nice approach. But guess what? The draft is here again. Time to do that magical thing you did last year when you got Kyle Long and Jordan Mills and Jonathan Bostic—you have to do it again. You have to. It's year one of a three-year window. The clock is ticking.

And speaking of old men, nice to see Phil Jackson looking at a front office job with the N.Y. Knicks.

Oh, do it Zen Master. Take their money, take that media spotlight and take that franchise to the depths of hell because you have nothing to work with. Nothing.

Bag Boy is a RedEye special contributor.

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