1. The Bulls finished 4-1 in the NBA summer league. How impressive is that?
Tracy Swartz: They finished 0-1 in luring Carmelo.
Bear Jordan: Not bad, but I once knocked down a tree with my bare claws.
Soxman: "The Dark Side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is." -- Yoda
Brad Zibung: It's so impressive any players show up to a league in Las Vegas. I thought all NBA players were gambling addicts with strip club problems.
Ernest Wilkins: They're so good, the games don't count!
2. What was Derrick Rose thinking when the Bulls re-signed Kirk Hinrich?
Tracy Swartz: Hinrich is his Achilles heel. Or, playing is.
Bear Jordan: "Can we do a knee transplant?"
Soxman: "Who needed Carmelo Anthony anyway?"
Brad Zibung: "Looks like they're bringing back that one ball boy for another season."
Ernest Wilkins: Look, man, I just want the dude to make it to the All-Star break. Nothing else matters to me.
3. Packers fans booing Brett Favre would be ...
Tracy Swartz: ... extra cheesy.
Bear Jordan: ... the stupidest thing since Carmelo opted to stay in New York.
Soxman: ... like White Sox fans booing Frank Thomas. INSANE!
Brad Zibung: ... pretty hilarious since he's the best QB they've ever had, with apologies to Aaron Rodgers and Lynn Dickey.
Ernest Wilkins: ... lame as hell. He built that franchise and deserves to have the frigging field named after him if he wants.
4. What one item would you make sure to bring to Bears training camp?
Tracy Swartz: Walter Payton.
Bear Jordan: My whole family.
Soxman: Defense. It's what Bears fans want, and I'm all about making fans happy.
Brad Zibung: A six-pack of beer so I can eventually figure out how to answer this question.
Ernest Wilkins: Drugs? Wait, that's not right. A jock strap? Yeah! That makes sense.
5. Johnny Manziel has the NFL's top-selling jersey. Does that make any sense?
Tracy Swartz: Orange is the typical shade for Jersey.
Bear Jordan: Only if you like the color brown. Which, naturally, I do.
Soxman: Damn bandwagon jumpers! *Soxman removes his Tim Tebow jersey*
Brad Zibung: Sure, because who's buying NFL jerseys in the middle of summer anyway?
Ernest Wilkins: Yeah! Also, there's a lot of you out here hating on Manziel because he isn't a boring goober. Let that hate go, guys. Let it gooooo.