1. How badly are you craving college football right about now?
Demonze Spruiel: Since college football now has playoffs, as bad as a hungry person wants a ham sandwich!
Aly Bockler: I'm not, because that means summer is over!
Scott Bolohan: Tons. I love rooting for men between the ages of 18 and 22!
Stick Figure: Not nearly as much as that ham sandwich Demonze is talking about.
Angi Taylor: About as much as I'm craving Ebola.
2. After his latest injury, have we seen the last of Tiger Woods?
Demonze Spruiel: No! I'm sure a few nice nurses can get him healthy again (wink wink).
Aly Bockler: Well, we haven't seen the last of him at Hooters for sure!
Scott Bolohan: I go to so many strip clubs, so no.
Stick Figure: Why? Is he turning invisible?
Angi Taylor: No. I saw him scouting talent at the Pink Monkey last night.
3. Who said this: "I'm not risking it all to let you down"?
Demonze Spruiel: Derrick Rose, circa 2012.
Aly Bockler Is this New Jersey boy trying to "Runaway" to Buffalo? Ohhhh, Jon Bon, it IS your life, it's now or never, buy the Bills!
Scott Bolohan: Beyonce, in her divorce statement.
Stick Figure: Sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
Angi Taylor: Lindsay Lohan, upon announcing she's moving out of the country. (Please stay away.)
4. If you were Kevin Love, how would you decide which team to play for next?
Demonze Spruiel: What city has the best Italian beef!
Aly Bockler: Well, WE do have the LOVE-abulls ...
Scott Bolohan: Who can scream the loudest!
Stick Figure: Hmm, one giant lake or 10,000 of them?
Angi Taylor: Like I pick my NCAA tourney teams: best uniforms.
5. When will we know Derrick Rose and Jerry Reinsdorf really have moved on?
Demonze Spruiel: When we hear Queen's "We are the Champions" blasting from the UC!
Aly Bockler: When agent B.J. Armstrong and big brother Reggie allow them to do so.
Scott Bolohan: When Jerry visits Derrick in the hospital this time.
Stick Figure: Just look for the moving trucks, I guess.
Angi Taylor: When they pose together with the championship trophy!