Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu (Joy R. Absalon / USA Today Sports / June 26, 2014)

Go ahead. Try and imagine a better rookie year than the one Jose Abreu is having.

Time's up.

Since signing with the White Sox, the 27-year-old slugger has given Chicago fans plenty of reasons to cheer.

The first baseman will be one of three players representing the Sox at the All-Star Game on Tuesday in Minnesota. In case you still need them, here are 10 reasons to root for Abreu.

1. All those home runs. At the virtual halfway point in the season, Abreu leads the majors in home runs with 29. And that's after he spent 15 days on the disabled list. His total is the second-highest in history by a rookie before the All-Star Break, trailing only Mark McGwire's 33 in 1987.

2. He's a mama's boy. "Especially I thank my mom for my life, so now it's the time for me to work for her," Abreu told in February. "So I keep working every day and I don't get tired of it." His mom even chose his jersey number, 79.

3. All those awards. If he hasn't already, Abreu should build (or buy) himself a trophy case, and a pretty big one at that. He was named American League Player of the Month for April as well as the AL Rookie of the Month for April and June. By the way, he's only the second player in baseball history to win player of the month and rookie of the month honors in his first month in the majors, according to ESPN.

4. He has a son back home in Cuba. The family man defected from his home country in 2013. Although not all the details of his defection are known, some of his family remains in Cuba. "For me, I had just one thought: I wanted to provide my mom, sister, my kid, my dad with things I couldn't provide them in Cuba," Abreu told regarding his defection. "The biggest home run I've ever hit is still in Cuba. That's my son Dariel Eduardo."

5. He's had an 18-game hitting streak. Abreu went on a rampage from June 15 to July 4, totaling 24 hits in that span. The last time a Sox rookie had such a streak was in 1963 (Pete Ward). Abreu also has a current 18-game road hitting streak.

6. You can call him just about anything. Dubbed "Pito" by his uncle as a child, the nickname stuck in Cuba. And since he's been in the U.S., Abreu's teammates have taken to calling him "Yogi" (as in the cartoon bear). Adam Eaton calls him "Oso," which means "bear" in Spanish, though it hasn't really caught on. Sox TV announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson calls him "El Canon" ("the cannon"); that one hasn't picked up steam either. But stay tuned for the latest in the nickname game.

7. He can improvise. On a ground ball to the first base side, normally the first baseman will field the ball and toss it to the pitcher, who will cover the base. But on May 3 against Cleveland, Abreu had to get creative when a ball he fielded got stuck in the webbing of his glove. Instead of giving up, he took off his glove and tossed it to pitcher Scott Carroll covering first, ball and all. Way to get the out, Jose.

8. He's humble. While he's turning heads with his power, he remains humble and gracious for the opportunity he's been given. "It really is a gift from God to be able to have the privilege to play in the All-Star Game," he said after being selected as an All-Star. "It really is an honor. I can't tell you how happy I am."

9. He's on Twitter! Abreu started tweeting earlier this month. He tweets mostly in Spanish, but he's also a fan of the selfie. After about 11 days on the social media network (the first tweet on the account is from July 2) he has 1,501 followers. He says he'll try to add tweets in English with the help of a translator too. His handle is @79joseabreu.

10. He's here to stay. Abreu signed a six-year, $68 million with the Sox prior to the 2014 season. Barring some crazy circumstance, you can buy his jersey knowing it won't feel outdated anytime soon.


MLB All-Star Game

7 p.m. Tuesday, Fox

Cubs representatives: 1B Anthony Rizzo, SS Starlin Castro, P Jeff Samardzija*

White Sox representatives: 1B Jose Abreu, P Chris Sale, SS Alexei Ramirez

*Selected as an All-Star but is ineligible to play in Tuesday's game because he was traded to Oakland