2014 Super Bowl: Let it snow — just not too much

"There will be a very high standard to field maintenance," Supovitz said. "The snow, if it's falling during the game, needs to be cleared from the 10-yard lines, the sidelines, and to the degree we can get the hashes cleared we'll do that as well. It really is like any given Sunday in stadiums that are open to the elements. This will be no different, we just need to be ready for it."

NFL rules allow for the clearing of sidelines, goal lines and end lines. It's also permissible to clear lines in 10-yard intervals — the 10, 20, 30. It is never permissible, though, to use any type of equipment to clear space for a field goal or an extra point, although players are allowed to use their hands and feet to clear snow in those situations.

In case weather conditions make play impossible, the NFL has the flexibility to move the game either by hours or by a day or more.

"These contingencies exist for every game," Supovitz said. "We have had to move games, either kickoff times or in some cases the day. A plan for that is in place for this as well."

One of the most amazing parts of a Super Bowl is the halftime show, and the orchestration that's required to assemble and disassemble an elaborate stage with the efficiency of a NASCAR crew. But the setup at MetLife is different because much of the staging is built into a wall of the stadium along the sideline, so that will not require as many stage pieces on the actual field.

The NFL, the host committee and New York City are embracing the possibility of snow. They are building an eight-lane, 180-foot toboggan ride in Times Square and shutting down a 13-block stretch of Broadway for a four-day "Super Bowl Boulevard" festival. The host committee has already raised more than $6 million for its aptly named Snowflake Youth Foundation.

"If it snows, it snows," Supovitz said. "If there was a light snow during the game, it would make for incredible television and an incredible live experience."

And a heavy snow?

Celek, for one, would love that — regardless of whether the Eagles were there.

"The people in the stands at our game said they'll never forget it for the rest of their lives," he said. "So what does that tell you about what the weather meant for that game?

"The snow just makes people happy."

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