Broncos bring nasty attitude at altitude, stifle Chiefs

McGloin threw three touchdown passes without an interception in the 28-23 victory by the Raiders. No other undrafted rookie quarterback has done as well in his debut — at least three touchdowns, no interceptions — in the NFL's modern era.

The ineffective Keenum was benched in favor of Matt Schaub.

Tempers flare

The stress and frustration seems to be reaching a boiling point for the Texans, who suffered their eighth consecutive defeat with their home loss to the Raiders.

TV cameras caught quarterback Schaub in an angry sideline yelling match with All-Pro receiver Andre Johnson, who had left the game early to cool off in the locker room before coming back to the field.

Afterward, both players downplayed the argument.

"You can see the frustration on his face, frustration on my face," Johnson said. "I'm not worried about that. I think you all are making a big deal about it. . . . We talked about it — it's over with. I mean, me and Matt are fine."

Said Schaub: "It's just emotions, emotions of the game, a culmination of a lot of things, but stuff we will keep between us. He is a great guy and a great competitor, as am I. Just the heat of the moment, but that is behind us."

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