21. Not seat licenses, just naming rights to each seat. Like bricks outside Wrigley, only inside Wrigley.

20. 40,000 x $250 each = $12 million. Enough to pay one season of Edwin Jackson's salary.

19. Dumb idea? Maybe, but not as dumb as the college of coaches. BOOM! 1960s-era SLAM!

18. Do your own version of the insane video the White Sox made for Opening Day. Only have it not suck.

17. Find a way to honor Mark Grace. Suggestion: Rename the Captain Morgan Club after him.

16. Focus on pitching.

15. Focus on pitching.

14. Focus on pitching.

13. Seriously, focus on pitching.

12. Find a way to honor Shawon Dunston. Suggestion: Let kids take BP and teach them how to swing at outside sliders in the dirt.

11. Once a year, sell tickets to the bleachers only on the day of the game. For old times' sake.

10. And if you really want to do it right, sell the tickets for $3.50.

9. Keep selling the beer at obscene prices. For old times' sake.

8. If you really do have a document called "The Cubs Way," let Andre Dawson write the foreword to it.

7. Revenue-generating idea: Sell naming rights to Wrigley Field. Really.

6. It would bring in tens of millions and prove you care more about winning than what some old ballpark is named.

5. Besides, nobody will call it anything other than Wrigley Field.

4. Although my kids do say Willis Tower now.

3. Develop an organization that doesn't have 99 things it needs to do.

2. You saw what I was doing with the numbers, right? Yeah, don't honor Ryan Theriot.

1. Win the World Series. Duh.

Jimmy Greenfield is a RedEye special contributor and author of "100 Things Cubs Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die." It's available on Amazon.com and other outlets, which he is quite sure you can find if you Google them.

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