41. More than any other, that Cubs team turned the franchise around.

40. Would you believe only 1,479,717 tickets were sold in 1983? They topped 2.1 million in 1984 and never looked back.

39. I know, that team ultimately choked. Thanks for reminding me.

38. Get Tom Ricketts to run his own fake Tom Ricketts twitter account.

37. Don't get no-hit. The last time the Cubs were no-hit was Sept. 9, 1965, the longest streak of not being no-hit in MLB history.

36. Revenue-generating idea: Convert a skybox into the coolest condo in Wrigleyville.

35. Create a School for Wayward Cubs Fans.

34. Find a way to honor Kerry Wood's career, not just his 20-strikeout game. Not a statue.

33. Hold a contest where the first person to take a picture of Dale Sveum smiling wins a gazillion dollars.

32. Have Theo go on "Undercover Boss" wearing a fake nose and glasses.

31. Have Jed go on "Undercover Boss" wearing no disguise at all.

30. Have Marmol go on "Undercover Boss." And stay undercover.

29. Sorry about Nos. 47 and 79. Couldn't help myself.

28. Inform Samardzija he's allowed to have a girlfriend and he's allowed to get a haircut

27. Let Soriano leave with dignity. He's been a great teammate and, despite not living up to his huge contract, has been a solid player.

26. When you tell Marmol he's been traded next time tell him to leak it only on Google+ so nobody will notice.

25. OK, enough about Marmol. He's not a bad guy, he's just bad at baseball.

24. Pick one softball league to play its championship game at Wrigley Field.

23. I know Ryne Sandberg isn't coming back to manage, but I'm certain he could have won 61 games last season.

22. Revenue-generating idea: Sell naming rights to each seat in Wrigley Field.