61. Win a season series from the White Sox for the first time since 2007.

60. You don't think beating the White Sox matters? It matters.

59. Hire @OzzieGuillen as your Social Media Coordinator.

58. Love the new seventh-inning stretch rules, but don't stop there: Don't let anyone in the booth.

57. Nothing kills the tension of a tight game than mindless banter with a guest, any guest.

56. Lock Jeff Samardzija up until 2018; he's the real deal.

55. Admit that locking up Edwin Jackson until 2016 will backfire.

54. If the Angels can trade Vernon Wells (who stinks), then the Cubs can trade Alfonso Soriano (who doesn't).

53. One difference: The Angels gave up next to nothing, the Cubs should expect at least one decent prospect for Soriano.

52. Don't worry about trading Soriano within the division. The Reds just lost Ryan Ludwick and have no good replacement. Make the call.

51. When the Cubs are actually good, please don't mindlessly stick with your closer.

50. Because I'm starting to think Marmol's real last name is "Ricketts."

49. Actually, keeping Marmol as closer seems more like part of the long-term plan to get higher draft picks.

48. Take your slogan "Committed" off your website and I'll stop assuming Wrigley is an insane asylum.

47. See No. 79.

46. Send the San Diego Padres a bouquet of flowers every year Anthony Rizzo is a Cub.

45. Fleece a general manager who doesn't work for the Padres.

44. Get lucky.

43. Albert Pujols was a 13th-round draft pick, the 402nd pick of the 1999 draft. That's getting lucky.

42. Have a public 30th anniversary party at Wrigley Field next year for the 1984 Cubs.