Rodgers torches Bears' secondary

Nick Roach played better than he did the week before. Blake Costanzo played only 20 snaps but was surprisingly active during his time on the field, especially late in the game.

Defensive line

Grade: 4

The Bears sacked Rodgers three times, but one of them was a coverage sack by Corey Wootton that took 6.5 seconds. Julius Peppers had a couple of nice rushes but was not a consistent factor.

Rodgers had entirely too much time on many plays, and he repeatedly was able to avoid one rusher without having another get to him.

Offensive line

Grade: 1

With seven players getting significant time, the blocking was a mess, especially on the interior. For a change, tackles J'Marcus Webb and Jonathan Scott were the most consistent.

Both starting guards, Gabe Carimi and James Brown, were taken out because of performance issues. Carimi struggled with the power of Mike Daniels and B.J. Raji.

Brown was a disaster from a technique standpoint, lunging, bending at the waist, losing his footing, failing to pick up twists and moving too slowly on traps. He was responsible for allowing two of the Packers' sacks.

Replacement guards Chris Spencer and Edwin Williams also struggled. On third-and-1 on the goal line, Williams was driven into the backfield by Raji.

It wasn't Roberto Garza's best game either.


Grade: 2

Cutler did not play a disciplined game, both in terms of his decision-making and his mechanics. He failed to check down on a number of occasions.

The throw to Alshon Jeffery that drew a defensive pass-interference penalty could have been a touchdown if Cutler didn't underthrow the ball. And he is fortunate his fourth-quarter throw to Jeffery in the end zone was not intercepted — Jeffery broke up the pass.

On the game's last series, Cutler held the ball way too long and took a clock-eating sack. Then he inexplicably threw underneath to Matt Forte instead of going deep as the clock wound down.

Running backs

Grade: 5

It wasn't Forte's fault he was hit before he got to the line of scrimmage on 10 of his 20 carries. He ran well when he had some space, especially on the 22-yarder when he avoided Sam Shields as he turned the corner and then finished the run by laying the wood on M.D. Jennings.