Bears defense hits low point of season

Grade: 2

This was not a very effective performance by Wright. He was slow to react on Marshawn Lynch's 4-yard touchdown run. His missed tackles and dropped interception were killers.

Chris Conte played only six plays and the Bears missed his speed and range.


Grade: 4

The primary corners did some good things, but that's not what stood out. They missed tackles.

Tillman's man coverage on Sidney Rice was awful on the game-winning touchdown. He gave Rice too much space at the line and appeared to be anticipating a vertical route. When Rice crossed the field, he created significant separation and Tillman failed to recover.

In the second quarter, Jennings contributed to another Seahawks touchdown when he went flying from a push-off from Tate. The result was a 49-yard pass play that set up Lynch's score.


Grade: 9

It's a shame the Bears wasted one of Jay Cutler's best games of the year. He avoided pressure deftly, as he did in the previous game against the Vikings, and he scrambled for three first downs. Cutler looked like a running back in the third quarter, avoiding safety Earl Thomas and then putting a spin move on safety Jeron Johnson.

Some of his throws were outstanding. Whether the situation called for a fastball or a floater, he delivered with just the right velocity or touch.

Earl Bennett's drop denied him of what should have been a 62-yard touchdown pass.

Wide receivers

Grade: 9

Brandon Marshall played his heart out and was the best player on the field, as he often has been. His determination and will to win nearly overcame all the incompetence around him.

His 56-yard reception at the end of regulation would have been an interception if it had been thrown to a lot of other receivers. Marshall came back for the ball and cut off cornerback Richard Sherman.

Even his offensive pass-interference penalty was a great play — it probably saved an interception.

His catching radius makes Cutler so much better.

Tight ends